How to get to the Laranjeiras Hostel

Arriving at Luís Eduardo Magalhães International Airport you will have some transportation options to the center of Salvador. We separate tips on how to get there: busses, executive bus, TAXI / UBER and shuttle service and now also Subway. 

The city's international airport is 27 km from the historic center of Salvador. 

For bus options the final stop will be the last bus stop of Centro - Praça da Sé. 

For location just place Laranjeiras Hostel on Google Map

How to get to the LaranjeirasHostel

Stay tuned. In Salvador the buses are identified by the names of the neighborhoods in their itineraries. The bus that makes the itinerary Aeroporto> Pelourinho is the Praça da Sé. 
The bus that departs from Salvador Airport follows the edge of the city from Itapuã and goes to the final stop Praça da Sé. 
The final stop Praça de Sé is 700 meters from Laranjeiras. 
Duration: It varies according to the Salvador traffic, traveling the 27km of the route. 
Value: R $ 3.70 per person. 

Tips: This is the most economical option to get to downtown Salvador. Cool to know the beaches of the city. We advised to take taxi for arrival after 20:00. 
Another option that is currently available is the First Class Executive Bus. Parada is located in front of the landing terminal and follows a route pre-determined by the hotels of Salvador, arriving at the end of the line, Praça da Sé. Before the landing gates it is possible to encotnrar the booth of Salvador First Class Bus. 
Rate: R $ 25,00 per person. 
Specific times: 

Coming by Taxi / Uber

There are several taxi options at the airport. Beware of clandestiners who offer bold and cheap prices. A race to the Center through the official Aerporto companies can cost until R $ 140.00. Something like $ 75.00 is a good price.

The UBER is already functioning in Salvador. 
Duration: Varies due to Salvador traffic. 
Stop: Rua da Ordem Terceira, number 13 Pelourinho, in front of the hostel. 
Tip: Write down the address and tell the driver that we are on the street of the famous gold-leafed Church inside - São Francisco Church.

*Ask and settle the price before you take the Taxi

Laranjeiras Hostel Transfer

The Airport / Hostel Transfer Service at Laranjeiras Hostel costs R $ 90,00. The form of payment is in kind or credit / debit card and made directly to the driver. Car with capacity for up to 4 people, depending on the number of luggage. In case of groups, we work with travel agency and vans. 

We ask for the complete flight information: airline, flight number, arrival time, number of passengers. After we receive this information - We confirm service. 

The driver waits at the landing doors with a paper bearing the name of the future guest of Laranjeiras Hostel. Our transfer service leaves you at the door of the hostel.

Coming by Metro

Excellent Option.

The Salvador subway is already going to Deputado Luís Eduardo Magalhães Airport. Line 2 connects the international airport of Salvador to North Access station where you take the Line 1 to the center of the city. 

Campo da Pólvora station is 500 meters from Laranjeiras Hostel (ten minutes walking), near Fonte Nova Arena good to use until 18:00 hours.

At the Lapa station you at no cost will take any bus to the “PRAÇA DA SÉ”. 

The windows allow panoramic views of Salvador from the high passages. 

Running everyday from 05:00 to 00:00.

Rate: R $ 3.70 where you can pick up after buses at no cost in up to 2 hours.